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Track #2 from the album Themata

 Main Author's Notes

In 2005, the underground Australian-progressive scene moved into the mainstream with the release of Karnivool's Themata. Themata, which is the band’s first full-length album, perfectly represents the genre’s blend of alternative music from the 1990s and early 2000s with progressive metal. This album combines the DNA of bands such as Tool, Muse, Soundgarden and Disturbed into a collection of well-crafted songs with great hooks, huge melodies, ripping musicianship, and enough prog to ensure that there is never a dull moment in the album's forty-eight minute run-time. Karnivool's second full-length album, Sound Awake, shed most of the nu-metal-ness of Themata and moved the band in a more progressive direction. Their third album, Asymmetry, garnered the band an Aria Award (the Australian equivalent of a Grammy). I chose the song “Themata” from this album not only because it’s the song that hooked me on Karnivool back in 2005, but also because I knew it would be as fun as hell to play in Rock Band. The guitar is filled with cool licks and loads of HOPOs that will keep your fingers busy. The bass isn't difficult per se, but it is involved and moves in unexpected ways. The drums will keep your leg and your cymbals plenty busy. Singing the staccato verses is fun, and while the chorus turned out to be too much for my feeble voice to keep up with, it sure was a hoot to try. If you’re a fan of the alternative or progressive genres, give this song a try. Thanks to Ethanr3912 for the feedback and testing on the drums.

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