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There'd Better Be a Mirrorball

Arctic Monkeys

Track #1 from the album The Car

 Main Author's Notes

New Version Notes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok this a first for me, but just as the people in the comments mentioned, looks like something happened either with the upload, file (maybe both), which resulted in an error during the process of downloading the song, I have uploaded the song again, tried the download option and it is working fine now. Guess I just found out something new (and very helpful) to test whenever I upload a new file, just to avoid embarrasing situations like this, I'm sorry about that... but anyway, it is fixed now, so hopefully you can enjoy now (for sure). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Original Description: Two weeks back when this song was released, when I first heard this one closely, I could't help but be very allured and thrilled for the new Monkeys' album, pretty much a sequel from the Tranquility Base, and considering I liked that record a lot, that pretty much explains my excitement for this new record, a song with a classy and retro style that is just so so good, some peope say that the Monkeys are beginning to turn into the new Beatles, which I don't find actually bad at all, but I kind of get the people with those ideas when you hear songs like this one, there is one part where violins start to play in a kind of solo-fashion that can very much put you at the verge of tears, when I heard them the first thing I rememberd with that was Evangelion and some of the songs from that soundtrack that uses sections and parts like that, exciting times are ahead of us with this record, the other new song that they have played sounds pretty awesome too so, I can't wait to hear the full record, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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