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Track #1 from the album Spy Kyoushitsu OP

 Main Author's Notes

Well, it's not usually very common in the anime business to have an anime with a massive group of female leads, much less, to have a star studded cast where everyone of the girls here could kind-of easily nail a main role, most of them have had already several lead roles, so, for me that was a good reason to check this one out, apart from the production issues in the delays I gotta say that I enjoyed this one a lot, and of course, the matter at hand, there is this OP song by nonoc, which I have heard before, her songs on Re:Zero particularily, she normally delivers powerful performances and this time was no exception, it took me only one time to realize the greatness of this song, named after the code name for the spy unit in the series, Tomoshibi, or Lamplight, it hasn't been mentionted why it has that name, but giving the nature of the story, this might be because this team, is kind of like the hope, or light, in a world full of malice and not so great stuff for which spies are trained and needed, and every girl in this story has already given some reasons, backed up by not so cool pasts specially, which moved them to be spies, this is explored in the lyrics of the song as well, things like overcoming the fears and the past, to fight and survive to welcome the morning sun, interesting and cool. I was surprised this one got a second season quite fast, and coming very soon, only one anime season away for that, so, exciting times ahead, hope you enjoy. 


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    April 16, 2022
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