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Track #15 from the album Moonflower

 Main Author's Notes

I turn now to the Moonflower album. This was a double-album released in 1977, with both new cuts, and live recordings of early Santana songs. The album was a big success, reaching #10 on the charts, success that no album from Santana would achieve again for two decades (until Supernatural). I charted two songs from the album. The first is Transcendence. This song is structured in five parts. The beginning and ending are a jazzy riff, and very typical Santana. Parts 2 and 4 are the vocals, the main song. Pure, cheesy, pop. With deep lyrics like "Hello again" and "Keep smiling". I like the song. And I hate that I like the song. It's about as deep as a puddle. The last part is the middle, a long, fantastic guitar solo. If you play drums or guitar, stretch before you try this. It will break your wrists and burn your fingers. Absolute Devil Heads.


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    October 11, 2015
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