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Turn Me Loose


Track #2 from the album Loverboy

 Main Author's Notes

"Turn Me Loose" was the first charting single for Loverboy, their breakout hit, and a single from their debut album all at once. It features heavy Synthesizers and set the groundwork for Loverboys sound for their other massive hits.

Guitarist Paul Dean discusses the background behind the making of Turn Me Loose with Mike Reno: “I remember my manager at the time, Lou Blair, he was standing there as we were working on it. We were just demoing it and had a framework of the lyrics and a little bit of a structure. I think I was singing it and Mike was playing drums, and I was playing bass or something like that. I’d been shafted by so many managers and so many bands and just couldn’t get going.”

“I was in 13 bands before I met Mike, with countless singers and every band had a singer in it," he says. "Most of them had a manager and I was so fed up with all of the BS, I went, ‘This time, I’m going to do it my way or no way at all.’ I’m not even going to bother -- if I can’t do this the way I think it should be done, screw it.”

So Dean seized the moment, which became one of the key lyrics in “Turn Me Loose,” and voiced his thoughts out loud. “I remember looking Lou right in the eye when that line popped into my head and I went, 'I’m going to do it my way or no way at all' and he didn’t flinch."


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