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Wasure Gataki

Huwie Ishizaki

Track #1 from the album Dr. Stone: NEW WORLD OP

 Main Author's Notes

It has become a kind-of tradition for Dr. Stone to deliver epic songs each time, and of course, this time was no exception as it handed off a fantastic couple of new ones, so, coming back to the song, the name translates to something like 'Unforgettable', and the song dwelves in topics that revolve around not getting stuck in the past and moving forward, another phrase says that it's too soon to be forgotten and left behind, and that even if there are hardships and hurdles, we will always find the strenght to stand up and begin from zero if needed. Considering the arc Dr. Stone is exploring right now, you will find many similarities on some of the themes that are being showed at the moment, I think the most important one, and that ties-in with the unforgotten part, is of course, that moment for Senku to get back to the island where the space tripulation survived and began starting humanity one more time, while leaving the knowledge of mankind in the form of stories, names, and actual trasures, something that of course, makes for some very interesting and emotional moments, personally, I could watch forever that sequence with the the astrounaut team showing in the starry sky, while Senku recalls them with a smile, being Byakuya one of the central figures here, that part sends chills down to my spine and well, talk about getting emotional, anyway, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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