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Weird Goodbyes (feat. Bon Iver)

The National

 Main Author's Notes

This is my second entry for a National's song, and they are just incredibly hard to resist due to their strong lyrical content. This song clips right along with that thought and can evoke some strong emotional reactions.

Described by lead singer Matt Berninger as a song about mourning a loss of innocence and motivation, holding onto memories and feelings that inevitably slip away and the grief we all suffer. And it does a really good job at taking you through just that.

You'll notice the unique drum beat of this song. This stemmed out of messing around with a drum machine but then seeing how drummer Bryan Devendorf could bring it into reality. And he did. The entire song was built around the drums, which can be quite tricky to master as you will find when you give it a try.

Enjoy this latest single from The National!


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    July 2, 2017
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