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What About Love


Track #1 from the album The Greatest Hits

 Main Author's Notes

Yes, this is the same song as Heart's big hit. Originally written by Brian Allen, Sheron Alton and Jim Vallance, "What About Love" was intended to appear on Canadian band Toronto's 1982 album Get It on Credit. Despite devoting studio time to the song, and despite Allen's and Alton's membership in the band, Toronto ultimately passed, leaving the song off the album and in the vault. Any fan of classic rock or '80s pop knows the rest of the story: Heart then recorded the song in 1985, released it on their self-titled comeback album, and dominated the airwaves with nearly half a dozen songs from the album making the charts, "What About Love" included. Despite the song's eventual popularity, Toronto's recording would stay unreleased for another 17 years, possibly due to Alton's and Allen's departure from the band by the time Heart's version gained traction. Then in 2002, a greatest hits package featured the tune, after which a rerelease of Get It on Credit finally gave the song its proper place on a Toronto album. If you're a fan of the song or just a fan of '80s music, give this one a shot and hear what might have been had Toronto released their recording first.


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