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Where Do We Go?


Track #1 from the album Dr. Stone: NEW WORLD ED

 Main Author's Notes

This song presents some interesting themes to be discussed, it dwelves on topics like honoring the knowledge of the people before us, that everytime there is a baton pass to the next generation to continue things, and even if sometimes it doesn't go well, what's important is to keep going, there might be mistakes, but each mistake will get you closer to the truth, and as along as we do everything with passion and love, then it won't be meaningless, there is another part of the song that says something that I personally believe, is something closer to a goal in life, which is, the proof of existance, the song says that there is the need to leave something behind, evidence that at some point in time in this endless stream, you were here, that you wrote, won, read, went, any action you may think of, that is something I consider interesting and that I can relate to, the very name of the song, I bet that's a question we tend to do to ourselves quite often, where and how do we go. The ED showcases what the current Ishigami village consider to be the kind-of leaders/geniuses of mankind, spearheaded by Senku, Ryuusui, Chrome, Ukyo and Gen, each of them being very skilled in certain abilities and of course, that's a lot of expectations to cover, but let's say that most of them enjoy that and I guess, use it as inspiration from time to time, anyway, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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