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White Noise

Official HigeDandism

Track #1 from the album Tokyo Revengers: Seiya Kessen-hen OP

 Main Author's Notes

Whenever HigeDan is up for an anime theme, it is almost guaranteed that the song is going to become a great hit, but being honest actually, I wasn't instantly bought on this one like with Cry Baby, but another truth is that this one grew on me with each repetition and now I really like this tune, this rock song keeps going on the emotional story of Takemichi, and his seemingly endless endeavor to save everyone, specially Hina of course, phrases like even if the future keeps hiting me, I won't stop, that I won't be able to forget the night I swore that Revenge, and that no matter how many times it takes, I will keep coming to save you, pretty cool and HigeDan does it in a fantastic fashion. I almost made the decision to release this song without the keys but, I felt unsatisfied and in the end I decided to make them up, particularily that short but epic piano outro at the end of the song the kept me thinking and that definitely adds an emotional epic finish, it actually turned out that this song had more piano parts than I originally thought when I listened closely, in the end it feels great, however, I had to improvise a little bit on some sections, nothing that backing chords cannot do, just so there wasn't a lot of silence in between the real piano sections, and this song definitely needs noise on it, hope you enjoy.


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