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Shugo Nakamura

Track #1 from the album Blue Lock ED

 Main Author's Notes

It was a very interesting decision to have song so calm and chill like this one, when on the other hand you have an over the top crazy song as the OP on Chaos ga Kiwamaru, that contrast actually works very well, ever since this one played on the first episode of Blue Lock, I got hooked instantly, after all I'm a sucker for jazzy tunes and this one surely has that vibe going on, I really like that despite this may sound as a easygoing and calm song, it doesn't actually forget where it belongs, and what I mean is that this one talks about someone who is basically preparing to win something, it talks about, searching in one's head for solutions, that the enemies are still there, and of course, one of the phrases says as well - Only one winner is enough - so, of course this still ties perfectly on the Blue Lock themes, the endgame here after all is that the Blue Lock project is going to deliver only one striker, so as I metioned initially, the song may sound chilling, but it doesn't forget that the tension is still there, it's more like the calm before the storm type of thing, given the context of Blue Lock, next cour for this anime is going to start next month so I'm not sure if these songs will still be around by then, but at the very least, these initial ones have been absolutely fantastic, and of course, I hope that trend continues if they change the songs, hope you enjoy.


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