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Yofukashi no Uta

Creepy Nuts

Track #1 from the album Yofukashi no Uta ED

 Main Author's Notes

The very song that Kotoyama borrowed the name from for the manga series of the same name, and actually listening and paying attention to the lyrics closely, you can tell that it was actually inspiration and influence for the story and characters beyond the name, things like somone liking the night since being a kid, wanting to stay up late and experience new things, sensations, smells, tastes and much more, something only the night can offer. Talks about the night sucking this person dry like a Succubus or Inccubus where probably the idea of Nazuna came to be, and well you can relate to this stuff if we consider we all at some point in our lives had this urge to act like grown ups and wanted to experience and try new things, funny thing is that when we're actually grown ups we want to get back to being young and carefree. I gotta admit this song took me a while to appreaciate it fully, the initial impact wasn't as huge as it was with Daten, for me that one was magical, but now I really enjoy this one too and honestly, if I were Kotoyama I could die already, but very hapily, just by seeing how beautifully, gorgeouslly, marvelously, not enough adjectives to describe how well-crafted this anime is at every level, artistically, animation, songs, music, voice acting, top-notch material from this season, the year and probably the decade (yet young but still), I cannot recommed it enough and as soon as the anime is over, I will pick this one for my manga queue, funny thing is, when I was grabbing on my animes for this season this was like a last minute pick and oh boy what a great decision that was. Lastly but not least, you might notice from the song and think I got stingy on the vocal overdrives for the second half of the song but, if you read Mixed Nuts update notes, I mentioned the minimum lenght for a window to show, so, when I was testing this song, I found out that, due to how the song is composed and the intense rap, there was only one window given to activate vocal overdrive in the whole song, I could've made room for probably two more windows after that at the expense of triming the lyrics to which I'm always against, so I left it like that and just adjusted the overdrives so they wouldn't go wasted, and even more surprinsingly, with the current setup is actually possible to achieve gold stars, with only one activation window, so with that I was satisfied, a different story would've been, if no windows would've been given, that would've been a huge problem but hopefully it wasn't that bad, anyway, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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